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高中英语的演讲稿范文 篇1


iversity is not as satisfactory as what I had expected. I become lazy and don't want to study.I become silcent. I become puzzled. I don't know what I can do in the future. Then I become unhappy.

Four years in the university is only a short period when compared my whole lifetime. Now it has passed a half. In this year, many people ,such as my parents,my friends, ask me what I want to do and tell me to map out a plan for my life.

I don't want to follow their suggestion, and I want to go my style. So I think carefully. I have been a young volunteer for five years.It's very happy and significant. Then I have a dream.I want to join the Univerity Student Volunteers Go West Programe. I think I can be a teacher in the west.I want to try my best to help them and help me. I want to see the world cearly. Now I can't reach its demand and it's very diffcult,but I will work hard in the next two years. There is an old saying"where there is a will,there is a way."I think my dream can come ture.Now in the university I mature,and in the university I prepare for the real world.

At last,I want to say to everybody"Hlod fast to your dreams,no matter how big or small they are.The path to dreams may not be smooth and wide,even some sacrifices are needed.But hold on to the end,you can find there is no geater happiness than making your dream come ture."


good evening , ladies and gentlemen . i am joy and glad to give you a speech about stress , yes , just the topic you see on the screen.

psychologist tell us that stress is a state of worry caused by the problem of living , such as too much work or study , heavy responsibilities , and quickened pace of life .

statistics show that stress comes from every detail in our life . financial problems , poor health , being laid off may be the stress that most adults now suffering . as students in the university , we are also under our special stress . while study , having to take various tests and submit a project against a deadline may put a great pressure on us . and the things make us felt stressed may be our parents’s greater expectations on us than we could reach . later , when we are likely to graduate , some other problems will also annoy us . i think we will worry a lot about our ability to compete in the job market and how we can best use what we’ve learned at college in our future job .


ladies and gentlemen , good afternoon! i’m very glad to stand here and give you a short speech. today my topic is “youth”. i hope you will like it , and found the importance in your youth so that more cherish it.

first i want to ask you some questions:

1、do you know what is youth?

2、how do you master your youth?


youth is not a time of life, it is a state of mind ; it is not rosy cheeks , red lips and supple knees, it is a matter of the emotions : it is the freshness ; it is the freshness of the deep springs of life .

youth means a temperamental predominance of courage over timidity of the appetite , for adventure over the love of ease. this often exists in a man of 60 more than a boy of 20 . nobody grows old merely by a number of years . we grow old by deserting our ideals.

years wrinkle the skin , but to give up enthusiasm wrinkles the soul . worry , fear , self –distrust bows the heart and turns the spirit back to dust .

whether 60 of 16 , there is in every human being ‘s heart the lure of wonders, the unfailing childlike appetite of what’s next and the joy of the game of living . in the center of your heart and my heart there’s a wireless station : so long as it receives messages of beauty , hope ,cheer, courage and power from men and from the infinite, so long as you are young .

when the aerials are down , and your spirit is covered with snows of cynicism and the ice of pessimism, then you are grown old ,even at 20 , but as long as your aerials are up ,to catch waves of optimism , there is hope you may die young at 80.

thank you!


he values Americans live by may seem strange to you. As a result, you might find their actions confusing, even unbelievable. This is my opinion about American Value. Whether you agree with me or not - or is willing to accept as valid any generalizations about Americans - my observations are thought-provoking.

Americans do not believe in the power of fate, and they look at people who do as being backward, primitive, or na-iv-e. In the American context, to be "fatalistic" is to be superstitious, lazy, or unwilling to take initiative. Everyone should have control over whatever in the environment might potentially affect him or her. The problems of one's life are not seen as having resulted from bad luck as much as having come from one's lazineand unwillingneto take responsibility in pursuing a better life.

In the American mind, change is seen as indisputably good, leading to development, improvement, progress. Many older, more traditional cultures consider change disruptive and destructive; they value stability, continuity, tradition, and ancient heritage - none of which are considered very important in the United States.

Time is of utmost importance to most Americans. It is something to be on, kept, filled, saved, used, spent, wasted, lost, gained, planned, given, even killed. Americans are more concerned with getting things accomplished on time than they are with developing interpersonal relations. Their lives seem controlled by the little machines they wear on their wrists, cutting their discussions off abruptly to make their next appointment on time. This philosophy has enabled Americans to be extremely productive, and productivity Is highly valued In their country.

Equality is so cherished in the U.S. that it is seen as having a religious basis. Americans believe that all people are created equal and that all should have an equal opportunity to succeed. This concept of equality is strange to seven-eighths of the world which views status and authority as desirable, even if they happen to be near the bottom of the social order. Since Americans like to treat foreigners "Just like anybody else", newcomers to the U.S. should realize that no insult or personal indignity is intended if they are treated in a lethan-deferential manner by waiters in restaurants, clerks in stores and hotels, taxi drivers, and other service personnel.

高中英语的演讲稿范文 篇2


今天在家长会上能与家长们就我们班学生的学习与发展进行交流,我觉得机会非常宝贵!我们学生学习英语的机会应该说非常有限的和非常之少的,一方面孩子们有许多功课要学,另一方面许多学生英语课堂效率低下。下面我就以下5点谈谈学习英语要注意的方面。 1.英语课堂学习应该注重课堂学习效果,40分钟非常宝贵且有限,我们力争要在这短短的时间内掌握所有的英语知识。英语当天学习的内容应该当天消化,如果不能及时消化就会积食,造成听课越听越不懂,形成恶性循环!英语学习重在平时,每天做好预习与复习工作。想要靠临时突击,临时抱佛脚的做法不可取也不可行。我确信:英语要学好和智商无关,学不好英语的人都是懒惰的人。所以,在课后一定要主动抽时间为自己补习英语。学好英语,不外乎就是在听,说,读,写这些方面下功夫。 2.作业一定要按时独立完成,不要成为学习上的“寄生虫”。作业是老师检查了解学生知识掌握情况的一个有效途径,要求同学们能如实客观地对待作业。知之为知之,不知为不知,宁愿独立完成的空几题的作业,也比完全不经过自己大脑思考抄袭来的作业质量高得多。许多同学自觉性差,平时空空两手回家,早上早早赶来抄,每天我都布置了一定的英语作业,因此请各位家长能关注一下你的子女有没有将作业带回家来做,并督促子女认真复习。 3.学习习惯是第一生产力。许多同学英语学习好,并不是他(她)比别人聪明,而是学习习惯比较好。良好的学习习惯可以大大提高你的学习效果,我们班的陈晓玉,陈玲同学,她们学习态度端正,上课认真,书写工整,正因为如此,无论什么考试都能取得很好的成绩,这与她平时良好的学习习惯是分不开的!而有些同学你看似认真,却是身在心不在,学习重在表象,完全不扎实,综合素质却没有真正提高。

课外也不下功夫,一堂课几个单词,一两个重点句型下节课过来提问一问三不知,又何谈课外扩展与素质提升?这样的现象很普遍,说到底,还是好的习惯没有养成,不够勤奋。另外还有几个同学,他们的潜力很大,但因为还不够认真刻苦,所以没有发挥出自己最好的水平,希望家长能够配合老师,把孩子的成绩抓上去。我坚信:如果您的`孩子在您的支持和我的指导下能够及时完成老师布置的任务,那么一定能学好。要教导您的孩子一开始就要有吃苦耐劳的精神。坚持严谨的学习作风,成绩马上就会见效。 敢于攻关的习惯。 养成不懂就问的好习惯。 养成复习旧课和预习新课的习惯。 养成做完作业细心检查的习惯。 工作、求职有重大意义,同时我认为学习英语的过程也是一个吸收别人长处,观念更新的过程!知识是无价的,知识可以改变命运。另外,我认为在生活中,家长的理解和支持是形成教育合力的关键因素。



高中英语的演讲稿范文 篇3


it has been used everywhere in the has bee the most mon language on inter*** and for international trade. if we can speak english well,we will have more chance to more and more people have taken notice of it,the number of the people who go to learn english has increased at a high speed.

but for myself,i learn english not only because of its importance and its usefulness,but also because of my love for i learn english, i can feel a different way of thinking which gives me more room to touch the i read english novels,i can feel the pleasure from the book which is different from reading the i speak english, i can feel the confident from my i write english,i can see the beauty which is not the same as our chinese...

i love english,it gives me a colorful hope i can travel around the world one day. with my good english, i can make friends with many people from different can see many places of great dream that i can go to london,because it is the birth place of english.

i also want to use my good english to introduce our great places to the english spoken people,i hope that they can love our country like us.

i know, rome was not built in a day. i believe that after continuous hard study, one day i can speak english very well.

if you want to be loved, you should learn to love and be lovable. so i believe as i love english everyday , it will love me too.

i am sure that i will realize my dream one day!

thank you!











高中英语的演讲稿范文 篇4

Since the pre historic times man has had an urge to satisfy his needs Be it hunger shelter or search for a mate he has always manipulated the circumstances to the best of his advantages Probably this might be the reason why we human are the most developed of all living species on the earth and probably also in the universe As we climbed the steps of evolution with giant leaps we somehow left behind common sense and logical thinking we forgot that we have stopped thinking ahead of times


If you are hungry what do you do Grab a piece of your favorite meal and stay quiet after that Just like your stomach even your mind is hungry But it never lets you know because you keep it busy thinking about your dream lover favorite star and many such absurd things So it silently began to heed to your needs and never let itself grow When mind looses its freedom to grow creativity gets a full stop This might be the reason why we all sometimes think quot What happens next quot quot Why can t I think quot quot Why am I always given the difficult problems quot Well this is the aftermath of our own karma of using our brain for thinking of not so worthy things


Hunger of the mind can be actually satiated through extensive reading Now why reading and not watching TV Because reading has been the most educative tool used by us right from the childhood Just like that to develop other aspects of our life we have to take help of reading You have innumerable number of books in this world which will answer all your quot How to quot questions Once you read a book you just don t run your eyes through the lines but even your mind decodes it and explains it to you The interesting part of the book is stored in your mind as a seed Now this seed is unknowingly used by you in your future to develop new ideas The same seed if used many times can help you link and relate a lot of things of which you would have never thought of in your wildest dreams This is nothing but creativity More the number of books you read your mind will open up like never before


高中英语的演讲稿范文 篇5
























高中英语的演讲稿范文 篇6

everyone know that Martin Luther King have a speech——“I have a dream”.Now I also have a dream ,but it is only my , I wanted to possess(拥有,占用)everything that fascinated(吸引), I knew I'm not the I wanted to become the most excellent man, but later I realized that I hadn't the I did my best to win, but the fact was that failure was so frequent(频繁的).I gradually(渐渐地)failed to finish my task and I lose my target(目标).Maybe I can have some change but the most crucial(关键性的)factor is something I don't , I remember my have a dream that one day I will become a billionaire and I will have a world supermarket this idea is so na?ve(幼稚的)that it can never come true, but it's my , I shouldn't be so must believe myself because it's always my can't give , I have nothing, but I have my hard-working hands and firm believe nothing is impossible for me and my boiling(炽热的)blood can create no people believe you, you can make it to prove that you are you think the god haven't blessed(祝福)you and there is no truth here, you can become the god and create the truth.“My breath swallows the sky and make the yellow river overflow, my sword is famous in Kyushu and it can collapse the five sacred mountains(我气吞天地,翻江倒海,名剑在握,势拔五岳。).” At some time in the past I also had ambitious(豪情壮志)words and I had some achievement results from my hard always believe that “If you want to have more achievements than others, you must work harder.”

Young!Fortunately, I am young due to it, I know that nothing is firmly believe that nothing can stand in my I can't realize my dream, it result from that I haven't work harder enough and I won't find other some extent(程度), the dream is the you can insist on doing something, the victory will to do that you think is right and don't care others' gossip(流言).Forgive everything that is difficult to be forgiven and the life will be full of is my dream!This is all my words!

高中英语的演讲稿范文 篇7














高中英语的演讲稿范文 篇8


My mother is a family of women, she did not work. I have two sister, the family is not very rich so young my mother to take good care of our three special especially hard. In this mother and the mother of all thank the world.

When young unhealthy body always, always go to the hospital, in order to reduce the burden of home so her mother would give up the opportunity to have been home to care for me, every morning she would like to personally give me injections, she was very understanding, total She shot than others feel that pain, but also complained that she had a good long time, the injections in the future and her some pocket money to buy some sugar go, but she had never refused.

I remember that once burned in the middle of the night, carrying my mother immediately went to the hospital, half-way because of the darkness to throw, the legs of the bloodshed, and now also has been scar.

Mama, thank you has been on our love, and now we have grown up around the outside of you, I hope you can take care of good health, and also for all the mothers, I hope that you can safely life!


Growth, so that everything becomes taken by surprise, I stood clear that, called the threshold, while the pure juvenile, adult side of the vicissitudes of life, some at a loss and what to do, I know that when their children have gone through the aryl when the grass to meet the many people I write about the so-called “rainy season.”

The epic life opened a new chapter.

Growing, when we began to pure self-integration into the alien society, growing pains and pressures will not become free in early. And our lives in the constant subject of annoyance to overcome and resolve in one day change the world, the growth of stereotypes.

Growth, the most desire is that with people, the most trouble is to get along with others. When I entered this class, an unfamiliar environment for I am depressed, terrified. And High, in my doubt came to me … …

Many nights, I dreamed of and one of the students had a wonderful time spent together. More thoughts, the more his heart is closer lock. Thus, isolation and loneliness, like a thief just like the volatility. To get up that morning, the dizziness. Roommate to see me look bad, with concern, said: “Never, right?” I shook his head, they see nothing, I said, no longer speak. But I can see their eyes for a long time in good faith and fraternity. Later, the headache was not a person to leave the teacher, went to the clinic, the doctor said that in a cold,吊针fight. Looked at the syrup bottle in a drop into the my body, I feel very sad.

Looking at the road outside the yellow lights, helplessness and loneliness of the body I occupy. Suddenly recall a time when illness, friends of the deep feeling anxious face, and concern about the words, but it all seems more and more distant from me, and all are increasingly blurred.

I do not know how long after, a sudden I can not help but the wind caught pitched battle. Then, I see a Blur full Zhang’s face, that they, my friends room. They seem to have the face of the winds because the wind has become clear, Smart.

I am full of psychological warmth. I know that in my heart the moment before locking the door, and their greetings and laughter as warm.

Now, I found their advantages: some humorous, some wisdom, it was moderate, it was good, but more importantly, I found that this new focus in the same unity, and fraternity.

Now I’m re-learned how to exchange, learn how to communicate, more importantly, learned how to grow.

Met with high non-butterfly wings, butterfly seen just dance, but we can not ex Meiyan forget the origin of the butterfly. The suffering there is no hard and painful struggle and waiting, how can a shell at the time of amazing wings?

Growth is the pain in the United States, but also the well-being.


How to Sell Yourself

In this competitive society it is essential to know how to sell yourself in order to get the job you want. That means you must be able to market your best features and present yourself in the best light. After all, you never get a second chance to make a first impression.

There are several things you can do to project a good image in an interview. First of all, look like a winner. Dress conservatively and well, and you’ll look like you’re going to the top. Second, communicate clearly. Consider each question carefully and respond with total honesty. Remember to make eye contact and maintain good posture. You need to look attentive but also at ease. Third, have a positive and assertive attitude. It’s important to appear confident of your ability and optimistic about your future. Finally, be prepared. Present a professional resume and be ready to explain everything in detail.

By following the advice above, you are bound to make a good impression on potential employers. Then you will be able to choose the best opportunity for you and take that first step towards success.